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Invermoneda, sponsor of the new men’s team of the Alhaurín de la Torre Basketball Club

María del Mar Martínez, the president of the CBAT, Juan Pedro Parra; the sports director and future coach of this team, Alejandro Fenoll, and the sponsor and owner of Invermoneda, Javier López.

Javier López, representative of, expressed his excitement, pride and gratitude that they have counted on his company for a project of these characteristics.

For his part, Juan Pedro Parra, president of the CBAT, who opened the event by thanking the new sponsor for his trust, also dedicated a few words to the town council of Alhaurín de la Torre, and its sports councillor, for their involvement in the development of the new sports challenges.

In addition, the official presentation was made of Alejandro Fenoll, CBAT’s new sports director, who will also be the coach of the men’s first team, who thanked the club for the trust placed in him and outlined what his new job at the club will be. The future coach of the team also pointed out that this group is a clear example that with effort and perseverance you can be at the top, and that the priority objective is to boost the youth team.

The new men’s team of the Alhaurín de la Torre Basketball Club is made up of local players and they will be in charge of reflecting that with discipline, perseverance and effort you can fight for great victories for the club and the municipality. Values ​​that go hand in hand with those of Invermoneda, and that also share qualities such as commitment, professionalism and dedication.

Likewise, the president of the CBAT thanked the City Council for its support in each of the activities carried out in the club and highlighted that he wants this new squad to be a reflection of the image and values ​​that they want to transmit from the entity. The Councilor for Sports, María del Mar Martínez, conveyed her congratulations on the presentation of the new team and praised the long history of local basketball.



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