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SilverGold Heritage celebrates its II Annual Commercial Convention

On May 17, SilverGold Patrimony brought together the team of consultants, the company’s management and the office team to take stock of the previous year and present the lines of action for 2023. The Barceló Hotel was, on this occasion, the chosen location for this annual event.

Francisco Javier López Milan, CEO of SilverGold Patrimony, reiterated in his welcome speech his gratitude to both the team and the collaborating companies invited to the event.

Likewise, he took the opportunity to congratulate the sales force for the strong growth obtained and which demonstrates the consolidation of the business in the precious investment metals market. A business idea in continuous growth that today reaches 125 million in turnover, with more than 3,100 clients and an unstoppable development of products adapted to the needs of any type of person or company.

On this occasion, the event was attended by new faces, including new signings in the financial, logistics, IT and marketing teams. New professionals who demonstrate the commitment to professionalization and specialization, as well as the strength of the organization at the state level


During the event, the objectives for 2023 were announced and the new initiatives with which to support the commercial network were presented, focused on increasing the notoriety of the brand and reinforcing the company’s positioning as a benchmark in the sector. of precious metals. The sponsorship of the Polo tournament organized by the Ayala Club in Sotogrande or the 7th anniversary Magna Supercars, are some of the novelties that were announced, as far as marketing is concerned, and that will undoubtedly provide great commercial support.

The offices, the growth and its momentum, was another of the most attractive topics. The recent opening of commercial points in Lebrija, Badajoz, Gerona or Almería are indicators of the proper functioning of the business that aspires to bring the SilverGold brand to the street and bring it closer to anyone interested in the purchase and sale of investment metals.l.


Para amenizar la jornada contamos con la presencia de Emilio Duró, empresario y conferenciante de reconocido prestigio. Su charla motivacional ayudó a cargar pilas, reflexionar y sacar alguna que otra sonrisa.

To liven up the day we had the presence of Emilio Duró, businessman and renowned lecturer. His motivational talk helped us recharge our batteries, reflect and bring out the odd smile.

The awards were then presented to the most outstanding consultants in 2022. The following received their award: Jose Manuel Marin Cebrián, Tania Cazalis, Jordi Coll, Íñigo Saenz de Urturi, Luis García Romero, Carlos López, Arturo de Vicente, Mireia López Lacarra , Alfonso Muñoz Roca, Angui Maspons, Juan Carlos Pérez and José María Barrueta Ugarte.

Special mention also goes to each of the team members at the headquarters for their performance and effort to adapt to the rapid, unstoppable growth since 2018.

The closing of the event was carried out by the Malaga comedian Javier Peloches, who knew how to make us laugh out loud by referring to the different provinces gathered there.

“We will all see each other again at the Third Annual Convention in 2024,” Javier concluded.




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