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SilverGold Patrimonio receives the Andalucía Excelente Crecimiento Empresarial Award

It has been 5 years of tireless effort and work, a task that the management of El Suplemento wanted to recognize to Silvergold Patrimonio with the Andalucía Excelente Crecimiento Empresarial award, a prize received by the president Francisco Javier López Milán in a ceremony held at the Puente Romano Hotel in Marbella.

A wide variety of businessmen from different sectors gathered there, sharing a single purpose: to improve the business network, boost Andalusia’s economy and contribute to its prosperity. Held to recognize the innovation and excellence of companies in the community, López Milán took the stage to collect the award and thank all those who have worked to obtain such recognition, especially the “suppliers who trusted us from the beginning, clients and the human team”.

SilverGold Patrimonio was born in 2018 with the intention of democratizing the precious metals sector and spreading its knowledge. To do this, the company has created different purchase services that adapts to any person, family and company, so that these can acquire it in the simplest and most comfortable way attending to their different profiles and objectives, a process in which they will be accompanied by expert consultants in the precious metals industry.

These flexible purchase plans have evolved over the years, a sign of the knowledge of the market and the ability to adapt to the needs of the public: the extensive network of consultants has succeeded in this time in satisfying more than 3,100 clients, with a contract renewal rate of 95%.

SilverGold Patrimonio offers experience, diversification, commitment, custody, personalization and quality, essential ingredients to build an intelligent wealth that reinforces the savings of each family and company, the fruit of many years of work.

There is nothing more comfortable than a client satisfied with our services, but this award for Business Growth in the tenth edition of Andalucía Excelente is a reward for the work that each member of the company does and that has allowed us to meet our objectives and get to where we are today.



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