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SilverGold Patrimonio CEO discusses about the gold market with George Pizarro

Francisco Javier López Milán was the latest guest on Café con un trader, a program directed by George Pizarro for IG Spain, one of the most important trading communities on the international scene. In it, both experts debate about the gold and commodities market, a sector that has always been present but in recent months has become even more important.

The purchase of precious metals has always been present in history, although it has not been until the last century when these products have been specially designed for investment. The problem it suffered at first was that its weighting was very high, something that kept it away from the humblest incomes, a problem that has now been solved with a greater variety and in a more accessible way. “The portfolio has always been created with metals as a refuge (…) when you have a physical asset that has an intrinsic value, per se, it is always a small advantage over other types of purchases or assets,” explains López.

It is essential to differentiate between investment on precious metals and on objects containing precious metals. In the latter group we find all types of jewelry, a product whose price is not only determined by the price of the metal, but also by other variables such as the jeweler’s workmanship or taxes, something that does not occur, for example, with ingots, whose value is 100% determined by the metal.

The interviewer asks Javier about the nature of his company, which he answers by linking precisely to the very nature of investment precious metals, which are tangible. “We work with physical metal (…) managing a physical metal involves doing it through commercial contracts (…) When a person buys physical gold he is not buying a financial asset, he is buying a good that has a value, when he sells it it is a capital gain operation on that good”, he explains. In short, the different purchase services offered by SilverGold Patrimonio are physical metal that, as long as the client so desires, the company keeps in custody to speed up future purchase and sale transactions in advantageous situations.

Javier Lopez’s profile, according to George Pizarro

In addition to the gold market, the dialogue turned to trading. The host of the program praised the figure of Lopez, considering him as one of the best traders of IG and considering him as a person who prefers the long term above the rest.

You can read the rest of the interview on IG Spain’s official profile.



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